Puppet Training

Forscher Education provides the Puppet Training Program that delivers the focused, product knowledge, as-well-as the technical knowledge requirements to perform day-to-day management operations on Enterprise environments weaved within your own or your customer’s organization. 

The fundamental component roles that make up Puppet Enterprise (and Puppet Open Source).

The core concepts for the Puppet DSL, including:

  • Modules and Classes
  • Classification
  • Resources
  • Relationships
  • Language Constructs

Building a foundation for building more complex configurations by using Advanced Classes:

  • Parameterized Classes
  • Introduction to Inheritance
  • Introduction to Data Separation using Hiera
  • Revisiting Classification using parameterized classes & ADB

Modules :

  1. Overview of Continuous Integration (CI)
  • What it means Continuous Integration?
  • Fundamental of CI
  1. Introduction of Puppet
  • What is Puppet
  • Feature and benefit of Puppet
  • Where Puppet fit in Organization
  • Architecture of Puppet
  • Puppet Life cycle
  • Resource Abstraction Layer
  • Transactional Layer
  • Template and Language
  • Deployments with Puppet
  • Cloud Provisioning for VMware and AWS
  • Reporting
  1. Setup and Configure with Puppet
  • Planning for Installation
  • Pre-requisite
  • Install Vagrant
  • Install Puppet and Configure Puppet
  • Connecting Agents
  1. Working with Manifests
  • Implement resources
  • Declare and view resources
  • Execute Program
  • Puppet Configuration Language
  • Control resource processing
  1. Building Hosts with Puppet
  • Configure remote server as Nodes
  • Versioning Modules
  • Creating Modules for SSH, MySQL, Apache, Postfix
  1. Working with Environments
  • Environments setup
  • Testing with Puppet Agent
  • Branching and Merging
  • Customizing environments
  1. Puppet Configurations
  • External Node Classification
  • Virtual Resources
  • Exported and Stored Configurations
  • Using and Expiring Exported Resources
  1. Puppet Consoles
  • Using Dashboard
  • Puppet Foreman
  1. Working with Reporting
  • Overview of Puppet Reporting
  • Configuration
  • Report Processors
  • Customization
  • Connectivity issues
  • Catalog failure
  • Debugging



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