Online Training

Learning is an experience, everything else is just an information” AnOnline/Virtual training system is a facility that delivers digital courseware over the network to trainee’s devices such as desktop PCs, laptops and many kinds of mobile platforms. This allows users (learners) to receive their online training at times and places they choose and eliminates the need for classrooms, live instructors and many other issues.

Virtual training is a training method in which a simulated virtual environment is used. In this environment, an instructor is able to explain, show or test certain abilities that can contribute to the learning process.Aircraft simulators are one of the first examples of virtual training.

Benefits of Online Training                    

  • Save time and money on travel
  • Quality
  • Increase workforce productivity
  • Better Retention
  • Relevance
  • Customization
  • Immediacy

You can gain all these benefits from Forscher Education and much more.

Real time reporting and analytics in Forscher makes it easy to track learner results and show if students have completed their training, how long they took and what scores they have achieved. Plus, all of this information can be instantly exported to Excel or PDF.

Forscher Education is a hosted online training system, which means you don’t need to worry about file storage and IT support. The core database and servers are hosted in a world class data center and managed by Rackspace.

Many customers and training professionals have adopted Forscher Education as their go-to platform for online training and you can join them too – Today.


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