Forscher Scholarships

The Forscher Scholarship Program is to aimed support top performing Graduates due to graduate in the coming Academic year. This program empowers the deserving students to learn the latest in IT Infrastructure technology, which is of utmost importance to Graduating Engineers for their campus interviews, Interview selection processes and to be selected by Top‐Notch MNCs around the world.

We at Forscher provide OEM‐Class training delivered by Solutions and Subject Matter Experts from the IT Industry working in the real time environment. Moreover, our IT Infrastructure lab is equipped with and built up on State‐of‐the‐Art IT Infrastructure, ranging from Systems, Virtualization, Networks, Storage and Applications.

Forscher Scholarship program provides scholarships to top performing individuals to explore the IT Infrastructure Industry, even before they set foot on the Production floors. This enables the Engineers to be prepared and armed with Knowledge on the Know‐How of the current Operations Management, running IT equipments worth billions of dollars that support Mission‐Critical and Business‐Critical Applications.

Our scholarship ranges from a Full Scholarship of the Job Ready Program specifically designed for Graduating engineers to Scholarships based on their current performance levels at their academics. We have extended the same program to engineers who have graduated from this current year.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn the necessary knowledge to perform and excel at your Job as systems, network or storage administrator, by acquiring this knowledge from the best in the Industry training experts with OEM‐Class training

To Apply for the Forscher Scholarship Program, Write to us at with a scanned copy of your mark sheets along with your CV (or)

Call us at: +91-44-42774774 (or)

Walk into our Premises with your Mark Sheets.

Remember, Graduation opens up your mind; Targeted Knowledge Acquired sharpens your skills specific to the job markets. Come to us and explore the world leading technologies, used by top notch organizations around the world and equip yourself for the Job Market.Think Ahead, Stay Ahead.


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