EMC Symmetrix and VMAX

Training Overview:

Forscher Solutions provides the EMC Symmetrix VMAX training course that delivers the knowledge requirements to performday­to­day management operations on EMC Symmetrix DMX and EMC Symmetrix VMAX Arrays and its deployed landscapes, within your own or your customer’s organization. The training is delivered by Subject Matter Experts currently managing, landscapes in real time environments. The course and its contents are developed by subject matter experts in the EMC Storage arena.

Target Audience and Pre­requistes:

The training course is designed for candidates with no prior storage management experience to experienced Storage Managers.There are no pre­requistes for this training. All trainings are designed and developed from the ground up,training experts specifically to cater, candidates of all technical back grounds.

Course Duration:

Fast Track ­ 5 Days

Normal Track ­ 4 to 5 weekends

Corporates ­ Custom configured per Client requirements and modules

Module 1: Basics of Storage Hardware

  • Environments from an Architect’s perspective
  • Storage
  • Infrastructure
  • Basics of SAN and NAS Technologies and their usage in enterprise
  • Choosing the right platform ­ SAN vs NAS , File level Storage vs Block level
  • Unified storage platforms
  •     Basics of Storage Hardware
    •     Disks ­ SATA, SCSI or SDD
    •     RAID ­ Commonly used RAID levels in SAN and NAS
    •     Protocols ­ Fibre Channel, FCoE iSCSI, NFS, CIFS
    •    SFP and Optic Cables
    •    Understanding the purpose of HBA and its application in IT
    •    Virtualization ­ In SAN, NAS, Networking and Servers.

Module 2: Fiber Channel 101

    • Why do we need a switch in a Storage Network Environment
    • Understanding Fibre Channel topologies
    • Fibre Channel ­ Protocols, Layers and components
    • How important are WWPN and WWNN numbers in the SAN environments
    • “Zoning”, “Masking” ­ What is and why
    • Understanding Hard Zoning vs Soft Zoning vs Mixed Zoning
    • Understanding Brocade and Cisco, Fiber Channel switches
    • Models and Components of a FC Switch
    • Managing a Brocade Silk Worm switch
    • Virtualization of a Fibre Channel Switch
    • How to upgrade a FC switch in a clustered environments

*Lab Activity ­ Performing management and maintenance on a Brocade Fibre Channel switch

Module 3: Architecture and Models of EMC Symmetrix VMAX Storage

  • Features
  • What i Storage?
  • Unified Storage basics
  • Detailed Architecture and component layout on a Unified Storage
  • Basic understanding of a Clariion Storage subsystem, its architecture and
  • In­depth analysis and overview of EMC VNX series storage sub­systems
  • Models in VNX and selecting the right model for your environments
  • Understanding Navisphere and Unisphere

Module 4: Understanding a Symmetrix Storage

  • Architecture of a Symmetrix Storage Array
  • Symmetrix family developments and differences
  • Virutalization in a Symmetrix Array
  • Symmetrix DMX configuration Manager

Module 5: Understanding the VMAX and its improvements from Symmetrix

  • VMAX Family, Architecture and features
  • VMAX 1/2 Enginuity and I/O Operations
  • Virtualization in a VMAX Centre
  • UNIVMAX Interface and Administration

Module 6: Understanding and Managing Timefinder

  • What is Timefinder ?
  • Timefinder Clones, Snaps, Mirror and BCV
  • Snap and VP Snap

Module 7: Understanding and Managing SRDF

  • Architecture, Features and Capabilities of SRDF
  • Management and Reovery using SRDF
  • Open Replicator and RecoverPoint
    •     Push, Pull incremental
    •     Hot and Cold
    •     Pace and Celling
    •     Create/Activate/Recreate/Terminate
    •     Integration with the Symmetrix VMAX
    •     RecoverPoint Splitter
    •     Replicator modes
    •     I/O Flow within the Symmetrix Splitter
    •     Solutions Enabler/Unisphere for VMAX
    •     FLM – Federated Live Migration

Module 8: Understanding Solutions Enabler

  • Installtion and License Management
  • Options/Environment Variables
  • Gatekeeper Management
  • Deemons and Virtual Appliance

Module 9: Virutalization and OS Integration

  • VMware Storage Environment/Storage Considerations
  • ESXi Networking/Storage
  • Specific VNX and Symmetrix Considerations
  • Tools, API and Plug-ins


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