Training Overview:

Forscher Technology Solutions provides SaltStack systems & configuration management software which delivers fast & scalable event-driven infrastructure automation & predictive cloud orchestration. Salt started out as a tool for remote server management. As its usage, has grown, it has gained a number of extended features, including a more comprehensive mechanism for host configuration. This is a relatively new feature facilitated through the Salt States component. With the traction that Salt has gotten in the last bit, the support for more features and platforms might continue to grow.

SaltStack platform or Salt is a Python-based open-source configuration management software and remote execution engine. Supporting the “Infrastructure as Code” approach to deployment and cloud management, it competes primarily with Puppet, Chef, and Ansible.

Target Audience and Pre-requisites:

The training course is designed for candidates who’re appropriate beginner, intermediate or advanced SaltStack experience as defined per each session description and who can understand basic Linux CLI commands. Proficient operating in a BASH environment with text editors such as VI/VIM, EMACS or Nano.

Course Duration:

Fast Track – 5 Days

Normal Track – 4 to 5 weekends

Corporates – Custom configured per Client requirements and modules required

Course Contents:

  • Introduction to SaltStack Enterprise*
  • Tuning SaltStack
  • Predictive Orchestration with SaltStack*
  • Managing Windows with SaltStack*
  • Developing Salt Modules and the Salt RESTful API
  • Advanced SaltStack Concepts