Classroom Training

What we learn becomes a part of who we are” Classroom training is considered the most effective and successive method of learning various concepts. Attending a class requires amore investment of time and effort, but the results are significant and applaudable. The classroom environment removes you from the distractions of everyday work so you can focus on improving your development skills.
We understand the needs of the business to whom the trainee will be working with after the training from FTS. That’s why at FTS, we focus and train the trainees hard on the technology, to assist to compete in the industry to get their vision and technological expertise aligned with the business needs.

Though technology based learning is becoming more famous, subject-matter experts agree that it will never replace the contents and focus given through a classroom training. Trainings are meant to be learning-practicing methodology and here in FTS, we’re so keen on providing interactive sessions with the Trainers and also allows you to have hands-on experience on a particular field with proper infrastructure. Our courses are designed in depth and detail, so that when the trainee reaches the completion of the course, will have a thorough grasp of the chosen technology.


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