RedHat Training In Chennai Fully Practical Classes & 100% Placement Assistant

RedHat Training In Chennai Fully Practical Classes & 100% Placement Assistant

Forscher Technology Solutions provides RHCSA training which will help participants to earn the Red Hat Certified System Administrator certification. The RHCSA training program will provide the ability to explore the Linux environme

RedHat Training In Chennai

nt like an experienced Linux Administrator.

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Target Audience and Pre-requisites:

This course is designed for IT professionals who are passionate about learning Red Hat Linux and experienced Red Hat Enterprise Linux System administrators seeking validation of their skills. The prerequisite for this course is Knowledge of networking fundamentals.

Course Duration:-  

Fast track-5 days

Normal Track-4 to 5 weekends

Corporates-Custom Configured per client requirements and modules required.

RHCSA training curriculum is a comprehensive solution for Red Hat administration covering two course modules namely,

  • RH124: Red Hat System Administration I
  • RH134: Red hat System Administration II

By the end of this training, the learners will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Have control in using command line to manage files
  • Install and configure local components and services
  • Administer Linux users and groups and grant them permissions to access files
  • Configure local storage using partitions and logical volumes
  • Handle network file systems (NFS)
  • Schedule and define priority of Linux tasks
  • Control services, maintain logs, and update software packages
  • Manage security including SELinux configuration

Course Contents

Access the command line

Log in to a Linux system and run simple commands using the shell.

Manage files from the command line

Copy, move, create, delete, and organize files from the bash shell prompt.

Get help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Resolve problems by using online help systems and Red Hat support utilities.

Create, view, and edit text files

Create, view, and edit text files from command output or in an editor.

Manage local Linux users and groups

Manage local Linux users and groups, and administer local password policies.

Control access to files with Linux file system permissions

Set Linux file system permissions on files and interpret the security effects of different permission settings.

Monitor and manage Linux processes

Obtain information about the system, and control processes running on it.

Control services and daemons

Control and monitor network services and system daemons using systemd

Configure and secure OpenSSH service

Access and provide access to the command line on remote systems securely using OpenSSH

Analyze and store logs

Locate and accurately interpret relevant system log files for troubleshooting purposes.

Manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux networking


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